Difference between text-based and image-based PDF with reference to PDF to Word Converter

PDF is one of the simplest file format which is used in business to share information on the Internet. There are many other file formats present like word, excel, power point. You will find the usage of several word to pdf converter these days. This is due to the increase in popularity of Pdf file format. We all find several uses of Pdf file format but one thing we never note it down for PDF. That is PDF is of two types. One is text-based PDF. Another is image-based PDF.
The both are differentiated below:-
1. Text-based PDF - In text-based PDF you will find the text in the whole PDF file or PDF document. You can edit the text. Make changes in the content and can delete the text. This all can be done within only text-based PDF. You can select the text with the help of mouse in text-based PDF.
2. Image-based PDF - In image-based PDF you will find image instead of text. While selecting the text with mouse you will find that the text was not selected. You can’t edit the text. Even you can’t delete the content. It looks like an image. Only you can read the PDF file. Neither you edit nor you delete the text.

PDF to Word Converter is the tool to convert pdf files into word document. If you are having text-based PDF then it can be converted into word document with pdf to word converter easily. But if you are having image-based pdf then pdf to word converter was not able to convert pdf files into word docs.
So, try some good tools online which helps you in converting both image and text-based PDF’s.

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